The Constructions of Knowledge regarding Tantric practice in Tibet

(Антропологийн хичээл дээр бичсэн нэг эсээгээ оруулчихлаа. 
Сонирхоод үзээрэй.)

In this paper, I will discuss how Tibetan people construct the knowledge regarding Tantric practice. Firstly, I will focus on the meaning of Tantra and the history of its practice in Tibet. Tantric practice is a complex system of rituals, meditation and doctrine. It is an ancient Indian tradition, which later on prevailed in Tibet. Secondly, I will show how Tibetans construct the Tantric knowledge. I shall also discuss the roles of gurus, symbols being used, the practice of meditation and the religious debate involved in the construction of the Tantric knowledge. Lastly, this paper will argue on the Tantric practice’s complex and diverse nature in knowledge creation.